How to Play Online Video Poker

Video poker is now making its name as one of the known table-based games in the online gaming industry. It is currently available in both the web and mobile platforms where new and regular players can enjoy the said game. Some may consider this as a skill game, but video poker hosts the simplest rules and strategies in every round. Players just need to wager a certain amount to get the initial five cards. They decide whether they discard some cards and be replaced by new ones from the deck or strategize their game with their playing hand.

It's an easy game to understand and to play - reasons which truly entice players to keep on playing and wagering in the game. Most video poker games also offers huge payout equivalents even with a minimum amount at stake. But before playing with big credits, players must familiarize themselves on the basics and possible winning strategies in online video poker.

How to Play

Since most online gaming sites are already catering several video poker games today, it is advisable that players check these sites and their features thoroughly. Players also need to register their own accounts in their desired host sites before they can start any video poker game. Once registered, they can already start placing their wagers at play. They can choose the size and number of coins they want to play every round which have its equivalent payouts.

Players can now click the "Deal" button to get their initial five playing cards. They can assess their set of cards if it's a strong or weak hand. They can either discard some or all of their cards; or keep their hand until the round ends. If they choose to discard some of their cards, players should click the "Draw" button to get a new set of replacement cards.

After the replacement, their existing hand will be considered as their final hand. The game will then determine if their set of cards wins a reward based on the payout table. Different video poker variants have different payout tables. It is always important for players to check these paytables to maximize the worth of their playing wagers.

Look for a Bonus

As mentioned, there are different payout values in various video poker combinations completed. These paytable starts with the Jacks or Better combination which pays 1x of the played wager. Two pairs and three-of-a-kind reward 2x and 3x of the played wager respectively; whereas a straight and a flush grants 4x and 6x multipliers separately.

Completing a full house and four-of-a-kind grant 9x and 25x multipliers respectively; while a straight flush rewards a 50x multiplier. The highest paying combination belongs to the royal flush which pays players with as much as 250x of the winning stake.

Aside from these usual payouts, players can also expect extra bonuses from various online video poker tables. There are some tables which offer a "double bonus" incentive in their paytables. This type of bonus reward doubles the winning amount per combination made.

Players can also double their winnings with the "Double or Nothing" mini-game. This feature is automatically offered to players when they win a video poker round wherein they need to choose on either doubling their winnings or instantly collecting them. If they choose to go double, they will be presented with one facing up and four-faced down cards on the screen. The player needs to choose one from the four-faced down cards and hope to get a higher card than the one facing up - which is the dealer's card.

When they get a higher card, their total winnings will be doubled; whereas getting a lower valued one will lose all their rewards for that round. Players may also opt to just collect their initial winning and start another video poker round.

There are also other sites which offer additional rewards and bonuses for video poker players. Players can earn more incentives and bonus from jackpot city casino while playing their favorite video poker games online.

How to Win at Video Poker

There are numerous strategies to win in online video poker games. Some of these basic winning techniques include playing with the maximum credit line available to win the jackpot at stake. Players are also advised to keep low pairs and three-of-a-kind combinations as these may easily complete the best hands. They should also choose a flush instead of having a straight hand; moreover, analyzing the initial hand given to maximize the odds of winning per round.

Players can also maximize the advantages of the wild cards in the 52-card deck. There are various wildcard equivalents in different video poker variants. But these wilds all have the same function of replacing any card value or character to complete a winning hand. If players well on this advantage, then they can complete more rewarding combinations per round.

There are also conventional video poker strategies which can win players big. These include simple, intermediate, and optimal techniques which grant various winning odds or percentages to players. Some sites also offer Quick Quads, Ultimate X, and Ultimate X Bonus Streak techniques which can players more payouts.

Have a Blast

New and regular players will definitely get hooked in playing this hit online-based table game. There are already numerous video poker rounds which are being hosted in different web gaming sites. These gaming sites offer different incentives and rewards which can truly entice them.

As also pointed out, online video poker is one of the easy-to-comprehend games available In the industry today. Players can easily place their wagers in any site hosting the said game and get their initial five-card hand. They can either strategize their every turn or just have fun and noncompetitively play video poker.

There are also no direct competition in every video poker round as they are only playing with a dealer and their active hands. Their goal is just to get the most rewarding hand combination and make the most of their played stake.