Play Video Poker with a Twist through Deuces Wild By Betsoft

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Here's a video poker game that would definitely serve you with the classic standard deck with 52 cards combined with a phenomenal twist that you'd certainly get hooked into playing - Deuces Wild. This game is developed by Betsoft and I categorize it as a classic one that would catch your attention not with its visual effects, but rather, by its incredible play through that you'll love.

Just from the name itself, you can probably take a guess that this video poker game would be wild card game, however, since the deck doesn't contain 53 cards, you won't have access to the joker which is the wild card for some games like the Joker Poker. So what's the wild? You guessed it right, it's the four deuces in the game that would serve as your wild cards. This may get your hopes up for some serious cash collection, however, that certainly won't be an easy feat since.

To get the four deuces wild you would need to collect a three-of-a-kind hand first which means that you won't be triumphant any time soon. Also, you definitely won't be thrilled to hear that a pair of jacks or other better hands doesn't equate to any payoffs in this game which definitely amps the difficulty a bar higher than you expect.

However, after getting past those obstacles, you will definitely be able to get big cashouts that would boggle your minds. In this game, the highest payout will still come from a Royal flush that's built naturally which means no Wild Card included. The pay table for other hands are also mixed up in terms of value such as the Full house with a value that's less than a Four-of-a-kind so on and so forth. If you're looking for a thrilling and exciting time, then opt for this one.