Deuces Wild - For The Novice, Poker Just Doesn't Get Any Easier!

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Deuces Wild is an innovative twist to make video Poker more interesting to the Poker novice and is a great way to learn the game in a more laid back manner, there's also better chances of winning as well!

Playing Poker with Deuces Wild opens up a whole lot more opportunities, not only to reach what would normally be some of the more unobtainable hands, but also some of the totally attainable hands as well, now one can make 5 of a kind!

This NetEnt video Poker game is easy and straightforward to learn, and since it lacks the depth of the traditional game, there's no need to be worried about strategy and the likes. Since twos are wild they are automatically held and can act as any suit or number. See the paytable for all the payouts.

NetEnt will be unveiling 5 new games in October 2015 and amongst them there will be new Poker games added to their range that will have more of a computer game feel to them unlike these conventional video Poker games, one has become accustomed to.

With the introduction of these new games, some which will be added to their All American line, there could well be a new version of Deuces Wild planned. Regardless it looks like there's lots of fun ahead.

Be one of the first to play these new games free play. They will come with a very appealing new user interface, so a grand experience will very soon come knocking, and take the game on up, to a whole new level.

This is exciting news and it should be real interesting to see what they've come up with, but then they rarely disappoint do they. Everyone hold on to their hat, time to get ready for another awesome experience!