Jacks or Better Is A Twist On Regular Poker - It Speeds Things Up!

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Played in single player mode or multi-hand variation up to 100 hands, Jacks or Better, is one of the poker variants offered by NetEnt, and if preferred starting out, can originally be accessed through free play.

Jacks or Better is quite a classical video poker game and it has a neat twist added, just to keep the player on their toes. As the game implies, winning hands cannot be made from any old pair, they can only be made from Jacks or higher, i.e. Queens, Kings or of course Aces.

The game is fairly fast paced and this fun game offers one a chance at gambling on a winning hand. This game follows the conventional game, aside from no pair lower than Jacks as stated, can be considered for winning payouts.

The player selects their bet level which ranges from 1 to 5, then picks the coin value, anything that ranges from $0.05 to $10.00. One also has the opportunity to control their bet for each hand, all depending on their funds and how lucky they feel.

Once the bet is placed and the hand has been dealt, the player gets to choose what cards to hold by hitting the "Hold" button. They then draw their second hand and look to make a winning hand from the new cards dealt, added with those already held. Winnings can either be cashed or gambled further playing double or nothing.

The theoretical payout level that Jacks or Better pays out is 99.56%, which is pretty high, one has to say! Why not try it today on free play to get a real good feel. It's a pretty neat game so if looking for some lively fun, look no further, here it is, it's time to play time, who's ready to make their mark!